8 Strategies To Increase Traffic To Website

Building a website is easy but most of us fail when it comes to traffic. How then can we increase traffic to website? Traffic + Conversion = Sales. Without traffic there is no sales.

There are basically two methods to get website traffic. There are either free or purchased. How to purchase web traffic is not the scope of this article. Anyway, to buy web traffic is not difficult, you only need the cash. This article will explore the different strategies to increase web traffic to your website for free. Not just any traffic but targetted traffic.

The 8 strategies which can increase traffic to your website are:-

1) Optimize your online site for Search Engine. Search engine like Google can only recognise the value of your website from its content. If you structure your website content properly that search engine can understand and that solve other people’s problems, the search engine will then give you the deserved credit.

2) Build a list and send them your newsletter. You have heard it many times that money is in the list. So why are you not doing it. Subscribe to an autoresponder service and build a squeeze page for a free item. Once you have a list email to them periodically to build that relationship.

3) Create back link to your website. This actually builds the highway from other websites to yours. If there are many roads leading to your website then naturally there will be a lot of traffic coming to your website.

4) Find out where people related to your niche hang out. It could be the forum, the blog site, the Facebook or the twitter. Get to know them there. Find out their problem and help them. Tell them to check out your website.

5) Partner with your friends, colleague, etc to joint venture. Strike a deal to drive your traffic to their site and have them drive theirs’ to yours.

6) Start a blog, Facebook or tweet about your website. Tell them what you do and how your website can help them to resolve their problem.

7) Write articles about your website. Post them to article directories. Convert them to podcasts or video sites. Post them to podcast or video directories.

8) Submit to classified advertisements. Many of these are free for use. However you have to be selective to get a responsive advertisement.

That’s it. Your 8 strategies to increase traffic to website which I have always use and always been driving traffic to my site. You can now also use it to drive traffic to yours.

Alex Yong


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