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Why You Need to Join the I-Don’t-Care-Club-For-IMers

I am a member of the I-Don’t-Care-Club-For-IMers.

Do you want to join me?

Back in April this year, I read an amazing blog post on failure; specifically on various ways one can overcome failure. And since then, it has stuck with me all the way through.

Do you know why? Because, just like most people, I’ve always cared too much about how people think of me.

I have always wondered how people think of me and what they said about me. Even though 97 percent of what I did was good, most people tended to talk about the two percent that was negative.

I would lie to myself that everything is okay and that their thoughts didn’t matter to me, but after some time I would find myself wondering what people would think of my next decision.

With this type of fear… fear to live up to people’s expectations, you cannot achieve anything worthwhile.

Before we discuss the fear of failure, consider this example. Imagine you have landed a new job as a sales person and your first job is to call total strangers over the phone explaining to them about a high-priced product and why they should buy it. It is scary, right?

However, the truth is that if you know the product well -its benefits and downsides -you know why it stands out from the rest and you understand the competition. You know the market and all the marketing skills and language to use to convince people to buy it.

However, you still find it hard to make those sale calls because you are afraid that people might reject you. They might say a BIG NO while some may even get angry or annoyed with you. You are afraid that your feelings might be hurt by their response.

(One thing you should know is that no one can hurt your feelings unless you permit them to do so….but we will save this discussion for another day).

Now the job is becoming hard and challenging, and you haven’t even started yet. You are giving hundreds of excuses to procrastinate making those calls. You already hate this job, and you have not even started.

Imagine I’m your sales manager and I want you to overcome that fear. Instead of making endless excuses, why don’t you take a week out and go out to as many people and offices as possible and get as many rejections as possible.

All I want you to do is to go out and explain the product features and benefits politely; in a language of selling, but don’t count your sales as I’m not interested in the sales that you make. I only want you to tell me about the rejections. The sales person who gets the most rejections will get a hefty amount of cash.

Is this enough motivation to get you to approach as many customers and go from one office to another, confidently telling them about your product and why they should buy it? Can you see yourself booking appointments so that you can get more rejections? Can you see yourself getting angry and hurt each time a person turns down your offer?

This is the difference that a change of thought can make.

This brings us to the question of the day; how can you turn things around so that you can look forward to failing in Internet Marketing? Any successful person has their story, and everyone who is successful has their own story of the failures they encountered before succeeding.

In fact, we learn from failure, and itis through failures that we harden and learn. Success is built upon the failures we encounter, meaning that if you hadn’t failed and tried again, you never would have achieved what you have at the moment.

Failure is an ingredient and requirement to achieving success.

Bill Gates dropped out of Havard to start Traf-O-Data, a company that failed terribly. But look at him now. Henry Ford pulled off five failures before successfully launching the renowned Ford Motor Company. The list is endless, and we can go on and on.

What I’d like to get across is that beside a successful person is a long string of failures.

So, let me ask you what would happen if you launched a product and no one enquired about it despite marketing it to the best of your ability. What would happen if you wrote a blog post that fails to appeal to people, or try marketing a product that totally flops? What would happen if you set up a website, invested all your money in it and upon launching it, no one visits it except your mother? Does this mean that you have failed? Or you have begun your success journey?

The answer to the above question is straightforward at this point. But it is how you bounce back after that failure that will make all the difference. If you hang your head low and quit in shame because of failing, like most people, then you might never succeed. Many people might be encourage to go that route and try something else, but that is not what you should do.

Become a member of I-Don’t-Care-Club-For IMers. In this club, people try as fast as possible to fail because they know that with failure comes lessons that will teach you more about how can achieve your ultimate goal.

The best thing about this club is that you don’t give a damn of what other people think of you and your decisions. You simply don’t care about what they think and say about you. The only thing that you are concerned about is what you DO.

Even if you go bankrupt or use all your savings on a failed business, you need not to give up. Even if you fail 14 times and get up the 15th time, the fact is that your success is just around the corner; it is only a matter of time and perseverance and success will come when you are wiser and hardened.

Therefore, from now on, every time you fear trying again, just smile andsay out loud, bring it on again. Give it your everything, this time avoiding the mistakes you did during the previous trials, and for sure you will be on your way to success.

Until next time, wear the I-Don’t-Care-Club-For-IMers badge and walk without fear; you are destined for greatness.


4 Great Reasons to Enjoy Geocaching with your Auto Navigation System

Geocaching is a great way to spend an afternoon, a day, or a weekend. This activity seems to be taking the nation by storm and is responsible for the rising popularity and availability of GPS and auto navigation systems on the market today. Many people aren’t simply purchasing minimal systems that guide them to their coordinates with beeps and blips but investing in complete systems that can provide much more useful tracking and mapping utilities.

Regardless of whether you are purchasing the bare minimum system when it comes to geocaching or investing in a top of the line auto navigation system that has all kinds of bells and whistles, I am fairly certain you will find that geocaching is a great activity for many reasons. Everyone who participates in this activity has something special that they enjoy and appreciate about it. Below you will find some of the more popular reasons that people choose geocaching as a fun way to use their GPS devices.

1) Being a kid again. You heard correctly, this is my personal favorite reason to participate in geocaching. I remember going on treasure hunts as a child and drawing out intricate maps and pretending for days, even weeks on end that I was a pirate in search of some rare treasure. That treasure usually ended up being holly berries or a rather large pinecone, but it was the thrill of the hunt that was important.

2) Enjoying the great outdoors. You may argue that one can do that anytime and wouldn’t really need geocaching in order to do so. You would be correct, however, geocaching can take you hiking, biking, swimming, and mountain climbing in search of one little prize stash. Most of us wouldn’t tackle all of those things in the course of an afternoon. In other words it’s a way to experience the great outdoors only intensified.

3) Learning about others. When Geocaching you can find all kinds of neat and nifty treasures. The idea is that if you take something you should leave something behind and create a log. You learn about a lot of different people by examining the treasures they’ve left behind and reading the logs. You will experience many different people from many different cultures as this seems to be a rather universal pastime in which all ages and cultures spend hours upon hours participating.

4) Being a part of something bigger than us. I remember watching Treasure Hunters on NBC last summer. They were all off in search of a specific treasure but kept getting clues at different destinations along the way. Geocaching might not have a million dollar payoff but there are little treasures along the way and many people participate which makes the hunt thrilling and fun at the same time. By participating you are one of many people who will tread the same ground and seek the same treasure. It is a unifying experience in many ways and can be excitingly competitive.

If you have never experienced geocaching, I hope you will at least consider this fun and thrilling pass time as you check out possible auto navigation systems and other GPS technology that might be good for you and your family. Geocaching is one of many ways that auto navigation systems can bring more life to your daily living.

Lessons From Your Super Successful Future Self

Almost everyone has watched that time travel movie trilogy where a villain, now

elderly, travels back in time to the days he was in high school. He gives a sports trivia book to his younger self. The younger version of him then uses the knowledge in this book in his sporting events where he becomes extremely rich. The book has results of every single game, and thus he keeps altering the history.

Imagine how it would have been if you had a time machine thatgoes ahead into the future and informs you what you could do right at the moment so as to be rich and successful in future. You travel in time when you have a million dollar affiliate marketing business. So, what valuable knowledge would a future-millionaire-you tell a younger version of you?

Here are 7 unique internet marketing tricks that the future-successful-millionaire-you would want you to know.


1. Have Clarity of Your Goals and Reason

A goal of $10,000 or $25,000 a month is great, but why do you want to achieve it? Obviously, it is not because you want to see pieces of paper with dead presidents (or existing ones depending on where you are); you want money to improve and enjoy your life.

So, do you want to venture into a internet marketing business because you want to get out of your boring 8 hours a day job? To retire in the next couple of years on your favorite island? To have more time for your family? When you set your goal and attach it to the reason why you want to achieve the goal, it becomes a lot easier to set and execute a well-laid out plan to achieve it.


2. Start Now

You need to have a confident mind because you are smarter than you think. Maybe you have the mentality that you are not fully equipped to venture into that project that you have in mind. But the odds are that you already know plenty, and you can learn the rest along the way. So, if you haven’t started, stop stalling and hit the ground running.


3. Find Your Motivation

If you want to fail, then work on your business when you feel like working and rest when you feel like not working. No one has ever built something worthwhile by working on it when they felt like it.

There are days you will feel low, but you need to find the motivation to do what you are supposed to do. Even if that means failing to follow up on your favorite TV show, you need to do everything possible to do everything that you are supposed to do to make your business successful. At the end of it all, you will see that it was worth it.


4. Avoid Distraction

You need to make a plan and stick to it. Once you decide to follow a path, just concentrate on that one path without getting distracted by other profitable paths that pop up on your way. For instance, if your goal is to build an authority site for training dogs, then don’t get distracted by the money people are making in CPA unless you are planning to use CPA type ads on your site.

All your efforts and concentration should be on what you decide to do. Nothing great was ever created without focus and hard work. Even when it gets tough, harden up and maintain your focus. Just bite the damn bullet and press on.


5. Stop Believing In a Magic Money Button

There is no magic button that generates or multiplies money out of thin air. Therefore, stop chasing it and wasting your hard earned money on it. Success is as a result of hard work and focus, and in the same way, making money takes work. Yes, IM can be simple and straightforward, but there is no magic button for generating money. If there was, ask yourself why they are selling it for only $47? It could be $47 million.


6. Automate Your Business Processes

To be successful in your business, you need to automate most of your business activities. Automating these activities is essential to maximizing your efforts. You need to automate anything that should be automated and if you can’t automate it, then see if you can outsource it. Outsource the tedious duties so that you can focus working on your business instead of working in your business.


7. Step Back To Examine

Even if you are making progress and heading in the right direction, take time out to examine and analyze what is going on in your business to know if there are improvements needed and whether you are heading in the right direction.